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     “I had the great pleasure of working with Jim Martyka on my first book, “Closing the Gap.” I was very impressed with his talent and creative techniques for capturing my story. I would enjoy working with him again!”

            -Willie Davis - NFL Hall of Famer and co-author of “Closing the Gap”

     “Jim Martyka is a dogged reporter and expert storyteller. He is highly skilled on a variety of writing styles, and I know his voice and his work ethic would be a great asset to any outlet.”

            -Seth Davis - CBS Sports/The Athletic

      "My journey with Jim began with a manuscript that I had never intended on writing. After a year of soul searching and deep catharsis I was left with something I knew I had to pursue. Since I don’t believe in coincidence, I will just say it was definitely not a chance meeting that brought us together. Jim instantly believed in me and my story, and at that moment I knew working with him would be powerful! I will forever be grateful to Jim for his gentle guidance, as well as his understanding of how to write a deep and meaningful memoir. Jim was able to bring out the detail and my inner voice that eventually made my story come alive!"

            -Kori Clausen - "Paddle Out"​


      "Jim has provided honest and trusted guidance and support, along with his editing skills, on all of my writing ventures, including my bestselling books. There is a reason I continue to collaborate with him on projects."

             -Scott Sedita - "The Eight Characters of Comedy"

     “I’m a firm believer that ‘when a writer’s gift of language bestows a voice upon the page; the book comes to life’ and that is what makes and made working with Jim Martyka so very special. I admire and respect the way Jim Martyka extends his philosophy, use of the written word, intellect and wisdom into each and every word. His awareness is keen as he captures the readers’ mind throughout any literary project he takes on.”

            -Christina Engelhardt - “Towards the Moon with Fellini”

     “Jim is an extremely conscientious editor and terrific on deadline; two essential qualities in the book industry.”

             -Jeff Fedotin - Associate Editor, Triumph Books

     "I had started writing my back story some years ago, basically developing it in my head and consulting with IMDB to check how many titles I had. I kept going that way until my agent Pierre Patrick got me a publisher: BearManor Media. Then the pressure was on and that’s when I found Jim. He started working with me to organize, edit, and verify the chapters. He’s a wonderful writer and an excellent editor. He was easy to work with, and he enhanced my writing, pulling it together without altering my voice. He was not afraid to give his opinion and worked well with the publisher's editorial team. I feel so blessed to have Jim on board my maiden voyage. It opened my eyes to a new horizon of writing as an ultimate creative tool."

            -Irene Tsu - "A Water Color Dream"

     "I first met Jim when he taught a writing class, and his down-to-earth enthusiasm about the craft made me want to write. In the years that followed, I hired him to read my work, brainstorm on characters and plot, and edit my book. His guidance made me a better writer. Career changes and work responsibilities interrupted my focus, but Jim never let me give up on becoming a published author. His friendly calls or texts encouraged me to finish what I started. He believed in my voice even when I didn’t. Jim is talented, professional and genuinely a great guy. He is a positive force in work and life."

            -Mary Kiser - “Man of the House: Life With the Lady at the End of My Leash”

     “After I wrote my first book, I had no idea what to do next. A friend recommended that I reach out to Jim to edit and guide me through this process, and I am glad I did. He was a great help and I highly recommend.”

           -Tristin Engels - "The Power of Truth: The Life of Louis R. Vitullo and the Legacy of the Rape Kit"

     "Jim Martyka is a secret weapon in the entertainment publishing world. I feel very lucky to have found him and I’m grateful for the work he did on my book. I couldn’t have written this without him."

            -James Levine - "Bring It!"

     “Jim Martyka has been my independent editor for several years, and so far I have introduced him to my husband, my best friend, and an old colleague—all writers. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any serious writer looking to up her/his game. Jim’s fees are more than reasonable, he is willing to work out payment plans, and you get a lot of bang for your editing buck. So far, I have not discovered any aspect of editing that he can’t do, and do well: copy editing, content editing, polishing for agent submission—anything. I am working with him at present, and intend to continue for the foreseeable future.”

            -Sharon Goldstein – “The Chronicle of the Roads Trilogy”

     "Working with Jim has been a great experience. He is professional and very honest. He gave me the exact tools and knowledge that I needed to help get my idea out of my head and on to the page. He guided me through all of the necessary steps to get me where I needed to go. With his help and guidance, I was absolutely set up for success. I would highly recommend working with Jim for any book consulting or editing needs."

            -Kristen Marshall Epland – “One More Day"


     “I have had the most amazing journey of my life and none of it would have been possible if it hadn’t been for Jim Martyka. I was a theater owner and I teach improvisation to children. When it came time to do a show I asked a theater company who worked out of my space if they had a publicist who could help me with my kids’ show in return for rehearsal time. They jumped on it and sent me Jim. What a gift. He observed one of my classes and approached me afterwards telling me, ‘I think you have a book here.’ I explained to him that I had always suffered from severe dyslexia and what was the point of writing a book about my teaching techniques when I couldn’t even read one!'

     Finally, due to his persistence, I relented with his assurance that he would guide me and take care of all the writing. Never expecting anything to come of it, I agreed. I never thought it would put me on the journey of a lifetime. Through the process and his gentle guidance, I began to discover more about myself than I thought was there. I came to realize that I was actually an expert in what I did and my confidence grew.  When the book was done it was taken to experts for possible comment and I was floored with the types of responses he was getting. The point of this is that none of it would have ever happened without Jim Martyka.  

     Jim’s instincts and experience brought me out of the shadows. It’s no wonder that Jim is in demand. I can see why his seminars are also successful. He has a lot to offer and anyone lucky enough to actually work with him can count their lucky stars. Trust me, my life is taking a new turn because of it and now I’m about to embark on doing lectures and seminars myself, teaching my techniques with invitations from colleges. I never thought any of this would ever happen. For me, a whole new world is opening up because of Jim Martyka."

            -Linda Kellogg Fulton – “The Power of Improvisation”

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