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Along with serving as the Director of Publicity for Theatre Unleashed for over a decade, I have also worked as a freelance Press Manager for a variety of businesses, artists, nonprofits and charity organizations in many fields, mainly in entertainment. Here’s a breakdown of my services:


*Strategy meetings with key personnel to develop a plan to attract the attention of press.


*Approved draft of a dynamic press release that will stand out both in format and content. I write press releases in a "story-style" format, which not only appeals to editors, but also gives flexibility to media outlets that want to simply publish the release. 


*Draft of a condensed calendar listing to help publications and online outlets more easily list any events in their calendar guides, and to give TV and radio an easy blurb to report on upcoming/weekend events. I will also take care of all the listings on the “do-it-yourself” guides.


*E-mailing press release to my contact list of over 400 L.A.-based print, TV, radio and blogger contacts, which is updated regularly. Plus, I follow up with e-mails and calls to target reviews and feature stories. During peak entertainment seasons, I have monthly pitch sessions with major publications and news programs in L.A. 


*Coordinating interviews between press and producers for features, reviews, etc.


*Building a press kit for reviewers and coordinating critic attendance.


*Tracking when stories, articles, news segments and reviews will appear and alerting producers, as well as finding pull quotes to use for promotion.


Prices for  services are competitive and vary depending on the size and length of the production.


                                                              EXAMPLES OF PRESS RELEASES



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