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I have co-written a feature length screenplay, as well as several short film scripts, and concepts for both television and web series. I have also edited several film and television scripts for studios, producers and independent artists and screenwriters. 

In 2015, I formed an independent production company in Los Angeles called Hold For Plane Pictures, for which I serve as Executive Producer. Since its formation, the company has gone on to produce several short films, some of which I've helped write. We have been nominated for and won awards in various festivals...and we have several more projects on the horizon. 

Here are some of the films that I've written or co-written.

                      CAPTURED BEAUTY                                             COLLECTORS                                                  HAPPY HOLIDAYS

                               REALLY?                                                         ACCESSIBLE                                                               TODAY

                       LONG DISTANCE                                         THANKSGIVING HUSH                                             FINDING US

                                                         To see more films from Hold For Plane Pictures,

                                             check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel



1998. An impoverished girl in post-Soviet Russia is pulled into Vladimir Putin's crusade to re-fight the Cold War. She thrives as a high-level "swallow" seductress in Washington D.C. -- until losing the trust of her home government and her childhood love, a vengeful assassin, is sent to kill her. Two of the Motherland's most dangerous weapons, set against each other for the soul of Putin's modern Russia -- in the hub of American Democracy. The first in a trilogy leading to the "election" of Donald Trump in 2016.

I worked as a writer on an early version of this script, as well as producer. The full-length feature film is currently in pre-production.


If you need help editing or formatting your script, be it short film, full length, television or web series, I am fully trained and I offer very competitive rates. Call or message me for a free consultation and price quote.

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