Write What You Know!

Hello writers, hope all is well with you! Been a minute since I’ve written, but, as we all know all too well…it happens! So, I’m getting back to it now!

One thing I’m asked about a lot is just HOW to get started in freelance writing. There are many people out there that want to write, but they get tripped up on where to start. After all, it’s not like you can just declare “I’m a writer” and the opportunities will start pouring in. Then again, it doesn’t hurt to try that, I guess! More realistically, you’ll need to find your own ways to break in, regardless of what kind of writing you want to do. That said, there are some strategies that can help you not only find your place in the writing world, but start making money doing it! Over the next several weeks, I’m going to share a few (six, actually) simple tips for finding your way into this very competitive industry.


This makes sense, doesn’t it? When you’re just starting out, you don’t want to step too far out of your comfort zone (that comes later). You want to start by writing about topics that interest you, that you have some knowledge of and perspective on, and where you have some level of expertise. Not only will that fuel you with the confidence you need to leap into this type of profession, it will also give you story ideas and a way to pitch yourself.

One thing editors and publishers are looking for is experience. Those credentials are important, especially to a new writer looking to build up his or her portfolio. There is a mindset among industry professionals that anyone can have a good story or book idea…they want writers who can execute that idea. Showing them you have the experience will go a long way in building their trust in you and giving you a shot on a given story, article or even a book.

Now that’s not to say you need to stay here in that niche forever. Most writers get into this profession because they are fascinated by a myriad of topics and they don’t want to just write about one thing. I hear you, but I can tell you honestly, once you get some published writing under your belt, it becomes so much easier to branch out into different topics or even genres.

Start with what you know, brand yourself as an expert, book some gigs, write well, and see how it easy it becomes to build from there.

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