Make 2021 the Year!

Hello everyone! I hope your 2021 is off and running! I’m sending out positive vibes for big things to happen for each and every one of you and your writing projects this year, and I’m excited to both help you all where I can and to hear about your accomplishments!

On that note, just a little reminder that we’re coming up on a very important time of year. While it’s true that you can pitch your book to a publisher anytime during the year (except, honestly, during December), generally speaking, February to April is often the most ideal window. Again, there are exceptions in this very wide and diverse industry, but many publishers are more actively seeking new works during that time frame, trying to find the projects they’re going to push for the next summer campaign or holiday season.

This year is expected to be even more open as publishers, especially the boutiques and the mid-size firms, will be looking to play a little catch up after the struggles and uncertainty of 2020. Of course, it’s hard to predict who exactly will be looking for what and how much, but the expectation is an ambitious pitch season with more opportunities for new writers than normal.

So, it’s time to get those materials ready to go! Get that query letter set, build that pitch package and tighten up your manuscript, or at least a few good sample chapters! Remember, it’s always best to have ALL of your materials ready to go before you start submitting so that no matter what a publisher asks you for, you have it ready.

As always, I’m here to help! If you need help understanding what goes into a solid pitch plan or if you need editing, planning, writing, whatever, please reach out! I’m offering discounted rates at the start of the year to help get clients up and running. Make this the year you get that book done, pitched and published!!

I can’t wait to give it a read!

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