First comes the IDEA. Then you show them the KNOWLEDGE. You put together the right pitch materials to highlight your PROFESSIONALISM and your ability to handle the EXECUTION. There is one thing left to show publishers to get your work seen and considered and it’s something I’ve touched on over the last four weeks. You need to show them you understand the BUSINESS.

You have to show them that you are more than just a writer with an idea. You are a business partner. You are going to promote the hell out of your book. You are going to find new and creative ways to sell it. You have potential sequels in you should this book take off and make money. You understand merchandising rights, film rights, etc. and have explored all the potential opportunities there.

You are looking at this book not just as the culmination of a life passion to put your words on paper and share them with the world, but as a vehicle to lead you and your business partners to bigger and better things. This book is your investment in that partnership and the more attractive that investment, the more eager publishers will be to help your dream become a reality.

I know I’ve said if before, but it bears repeating: Your future publisher wants (needs) to make money off you. Sure, they would love to help you realize your dream, but at the end of the day, that’s simply a nice sentiment, an added bonus on their real work. Their priority is sales.

Going into any kind of publishing arrangement with that savvy will help you understand the language they’re speaking regarding your work. Help them out here. Have a plan or at least a collection of ideas for how you can help them sell your book. It’s once again about being proactive. Show them your interest, your dedication to the process that happens after the book is written.

Show them how invested you are and they will invest in you!

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