Time to Get Those Pitches Out!

Hello again everyone, I hope your 2017 is off to a great start and you’re all working hard on your various writing projects…

…and getting them ready to pitch!

We’re coming up on that time of year, the time that most literary agents and publishers big and small are most likely (and most available) to take a glance at your submissions. If you ask around, you’ll get a plethora of answers from writers and other industry folk as to when the best time is to submit. The bottom line is that there is really no bad time with the exception of the holiday season when publishers are concentrating solely on their holiday titles and, you know, spending what little free time they have with their families.

But, based on my experience in working with both boutique and mid-size publishers, which is where most new writers should be looking to submit, February, March and April are the perfect time of year for pitching your projects. The holiday rush is over and editors have had ample time to recoup over the month of January. Just like everyone else, they are eager and excited to see what the new year is going to bring them.

Plus, as you all know, this is a business of patience and the process of getting published (review, acceptance, contracts, multiple edits, layout, proofing, marketing, sales, distribution, etc.) takes a looooong time. Submitting now gives you a chance to see your title on the shelves next holiday season, which is not only the best time for sales, but also an exciting end of the year gift to yourself!

So the time is now! Finish up that draft of your book and get it polished and edited. Find your list of agents or publishers to submit to (depending upon which route you want to go) and get your pitch materials ready. Make sure you’ve got publishers that fit the right criteria; publishing in your genre, accepting of new writers, currently looking, etc. Have a query letter that succinctly sums up your work and why they should read it. Have a full pitch package that anticipates all of a publisher’s needs and have it ready to give to them the moment they ask for it.

If you’re not exactly sure how to prepare all of these materials, well, you’re in luck! I’ll be hosting one of my Book Writing/Pitching/Publishing seminars in Los Angeles later this month. Details coming VERY soon, so keep checking this site. If you’re not in L.A., never fear, we can always chat over the phone.

Whether you’re looking for help or not, now’s the time to get motivated, get it submitted and get published! Best of luck to you all!

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