Breaking into Nonfiction

Hello writers! Hope all is well with you on your writing adventures. I have a couple updates I’m proud to share. First, I’m pleased to announce that I am now an official member of the Dramatist’s Guild! A few years ago, I never would have dreamed I would be a playwright, but now, it’s official…or at least, my membership card says it is! Speaking of plays, my stage version of “It’s a Wonderful Life” just went up last week in Fullerton, CA to an adoring crowd. On the book front, “Towards the Moon with Fellini,” which I co-wrote, will be out in a couple weeks, marking the end (or at least next phase) of a three-year journey! There is also a book on Virginia Tech sports I edited that comes out s

What's Your Process?

There is no one way to write a book. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply wrong. Every single writer has their own process, their own way to organize, their own way to lay the path for their characters, their own weapons to battle writer’s block, to get into the zone. I always caution clients on taking advice when it comes to the process itself as that’s something you really need to experiment with until you find a process that works for you. I do talk a bit about process when I’m coaching, but I always make sure to tell my clients not to put too much stock in what I say in this regard. Not everyone likes to get up and write at 5 a.m. like I do, for example. All you need to worry about,

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