Get paid!

Any freelancer can tell you that writing and reporting is only half the job. The other half is the hunt. While you’re finishing up one article, you already need to be looking for the next one (or several) to pitch. It’s a never-ending game, which is a major reason why freelance writing, while enviable in many ways, is also a constant challenge. Most of America lives paycheck to paycheck, we live story to story! As the freelance game gets more and more crowded, it can be tougher and tougher to not only find stories, but publications that you can work with and pitch to, pubs that are still freelancer-reliant, as it were. Still, there are plenty out there and the fine folks at the Independent W

Happy New Year, writers!

Hello writers, happy new year! I just wanted to take a quick second to wish all of you the very best in 2019. I hope you make some progress on your own writing projects in the new year! I'm looking forward to hearing all about them and seeing your stories in print! In the meantime, just remember that if you need any help, with organizing, writing, editing, pitching and selling, I'm here! In 2019, I'll be releasing several more "helpful hint" blogs to assist writers in several facets of the book publishing process so please stay tuned. And consultations will remain on the cost effective side! Let's get those projects done! Cheers to a good year!

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